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Clinical Integrative Research Center of Atlanta

CIRCA was founded in 2013 by doctors Frank Berenson and Robert Flamini, and co-exists within the private practice of PANDA Neurology and Atlanta Headache Specialists.  The mission of CIRCA is to utilize over 25 years of the physicians’ combined research experience to build a bridge between our patients and the most current treatments the clinical research industry provides.

The physicians at PANDA Neurology and Atlanta Headache Specialists are dedicated to providing our patients with the finest and most up to date medical care available. With this goal in mind, participation in clinical research trials provides an opportunity to learn more about new medications and treatment, as well as to improve the standard of medical care. 

Why We Do Research

Clinical trials are run in order to obtain FDA approval so that new medications can be put on the market.  Trials are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and are offered to patients.  Participation in clinical trials is voluntary and patients may withdraw at any time.  There are no legal obligations to the clinical trial process.

All drug study protocols initiated by CIRCA follow specific criteria. Clinical trials are federally regulated and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), which safeguards the rights of patients participating in the drug studies.

Current Research Study Areas



Lower Limb Spasticity

Restless Leg Syndrome




Dr. J. Robert Flamini
Dr. Frank Berenson

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