Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are injections that selectively target myoneural regions of skeletal musculature that are irritated or inflamed and are causing pain and discomfort.   This pain may be the result of trauma, postural abnormalities, muscle compression from external forces such as a back pain, or bony abnormalities.   Trigger point injections are similar to accupunture injections or myofascial release in the muscles injected, although we inject medication (typically lidocaine and steroids) into the irritated region.  The most commonly injected muscles include the temporalis, occipitalis, posterior cervical and trapezius muscles. 

Patients find the injections mildly uncomfortable, but often have almost immediate relief of muscles injected.  These may be repeated every 4-8 weeks as needed.  Often heat therapy and ice therapy are used as complementary treatments.